How to Have a Positive Mindset Around Your Body

Is the glass half empty or full? You may have encountered this old proverb reflecting one's unique approach. In the same way, building a positive outlook around your body is all about your mindset. 

Well, it is often easier said than done because the world is full of competition, comparison and there are some standards which may make you feel you’re not the best. But those imperfections and doubts make you what you are: your journey makes you beautiful. A positive body mindset means acceptance, appreciation, and love for your body. But, to be honest, body positivity comes with time and little changes. So, here are some little steps that help you build a positive mindset around your body.

Embrace the Off Days

There are many days when you may feel low. Actually, it happens with everyone, even those who you think are confident and look best. Everyone has their highs and lows, and many internal and external factors are responsible for them. 

So, acknowledging these off days gradually generates body positivity and acceptance. But don't sway away from these feelings because they will come back or trouble you. 

You can use some tricks to embrace these days:

  • Write down what's bothering you in your diary or on digital devices.
  • Note down the triggers which activate off days and address them.
  • Are there some ways that can help you improve it? Try them if it's healthy and good for you.
  • Talk to loved ones
  • Take a day off and do something you love. For example, enjoying your favorite food, painting, singing, gaming, dancing, reading, watching your favorite show, etc.

Many hormonal changes, some instances, or memories from the past may trigger a bad day. So, don't be harsh on yourself. Instead, accept, acknowledge, and address those feelings. It will help you slowly create a positive outlook towards your body.

Staying Healthy is the key

Do you think slim and lean people are always healthy? If so, you are wrong. Also, you may be surprised to learn NOT all full figures are unhealthy. These are societal body norms set by people which are irrelevant.

Everybody is unique, and certain factors like age, gender, genetics, and health conditions are responsible for your unique body! You need to learn what works best for you. Stop from starving yourself or overexerting yourself with exercises.

A nutritious meal, practicing mental health activities, and exercising are keys to a healthy body and mind. Your aim should be to become healthy rather than determine your worth by measuring the number on the scale. A fit body and mind come from contentment, happiness, doing good, kindness, empathy, and hard work. 

So, work more on your inner qualities, eat healthily, and stay active. You will  feel more confident and love yourself when you know you are healthy: inside and out. 

Don’t Chase Others

It's challenging to avoid getting into comparison and competition when the world is full of it. Because digital lives, beauty, and body norms touch every area of life, whether social media, home, friends, or professional life. 

But it would be best if you slowly started to accept yourself, stay healthy, and not chase others. No matter how much you try, you can not be someone else. Everyone has unique characteristics, life, journey, and different struggles. Therefore, don't chase an hourglass body, a certain height, complexion, flawless skin, or hair. 

Your unique features make you the best. If you chase someone else, this style, their routine, you will put yourself under immense pressure, which will burst one day. Having goals is not bad, but you should gradually work on them without hating yourself. 

Also, refrain from pitfalls into beauty standards set by ourselves. Instead, work on the areas you would like to improve. So, have confidence and stay healthy. 

Surround Yourself With People who Really Love you

There's a famous proverb - who and what we surround ourselves with is who and what we become. Suppose you undergo a certain pressure and feel bad for your body when you are with some people; it's time to reevaluate. Do your friends, family, or partner constantly make you feel bad about yourself? 

The ones who love you will motivate you and not constantly make you feel bad. Moreover, they will accept you the way you are. Also, they may ask you to improve, but it will never feel suffocating.

So, if some people are pushing, making fun of, or draining your worth, it's time to talk to them. Don’t give up on these people but help them improve and explain how sensitive some things can be. We are growing as a community, and everyone will improve with some clear-hearted talks.

For example, you can express to them that you have some triggers related to your body and express your feelings upfront. Also, you can ask them to be gentle and motivating. You can convey your thoughts and what makes you feel bad. Moreover, it's a huge step toward self-acceptance. 

Also, if certain people drain your energy every time, it is time to part ways. Loving yourself first, your body, and your mental health is key to happiness. So, surrounding yourself with motivating, loving and kind people will help you have a positive mindset around your body.

Make a Journal

A diary, notes, or any feeling on any medium is a way to vent yourself. So you should make a daily journal and write a few things like:

  • What are the best things about you, both inner and physical.
  • The things you do that no one else can.
  • Show gratitude and write the best things that happened on that day.
  • Note your achievements related to the body, health, professional, personal life, etc.
  • Write down the trigger you faced on the day that made you feel bad. Then, assess if they are important. 

Having a daily journal celebrating your highs and lows will help you improve. It will give you feedback on how long you have come. Generating a positive outlook toward the body takes time. So, embrace every little feeling and address it. Maintaining a journal and noting your feelings, progress, and achievements will help you overcome superficial things. 

Cleanse Your Digital Life

Our digital lives are more than full. Social media and other platforms can definitely welcome negativity. Unrealistic goals, unhealthy behavior, heavily filtered videos, and comparisons may make you feel dejected. 

So unfollow everything that boasts fake beauty standards, figures, and body types. Instead, it would be best to have a productive feed promoting a healthy mind and body.

Is it time to clean your digital life? You can do it in several ways:

  • Unfollow pages or people who constantly chase beauty standards.
  • Unfollow pages assuring certain body shapes, colors, etc.
  • If you feel your digital presence is taking a toll, you can take a little break.
  • Make your feed as productive, knowledgeable, and interesting as you can.
  • Refrain from comparing yourself with other people. Social media life is altogether different from the real one.

So, don't make yourself sad because of some digital feed you saw on your phone. Instead, imbibe which is best, and scroll down which is not. 

Make Some Little Changes in Habits

pinsy shapewear bodysuits women wearing hourglass solid collection in cocoa and creamThe outlook towards the body will change if you make little changes in acceptance. Some of the little but impactful modifications are:

  • Don't ask your friends to untag or remove you from the pictures. 
  • Accept the compliments. Generally, everyone is surrounded by so many doubts they fail to identify the real compliments. So, always accept compliments.
  • Feel and add a bit of humor and enjoy it.
  • Feel confident and comfortable with yourself.
  • You can smartly give answers to people who constantly shame others.
  • Change begins with yourself; you should never comment on anyone's unique appearance.

It's Best to Pamper Yourself With Comfortable and Stylish Wear

Pamper yourself with things you love. For example, do you love salon sessions, then attend some? Also, try your favorite clothes. Identify your unique style, whether girly, boyfriend style, rocker chic, casual, or formal. Dress as you please as long as you're comfortable. 

So, attend every event and dress confidently. You must wear them according to your mood and least bother about what anyone says. As long as you are comfortable, there is nothing anyone can do about it. 

Try the Most Comfortable and Attractive Bodysuits

You can try sculpting and shaping bodysuits to slay your outfits like no other. The all-in-one bodysuits have gentle snugness with power mesh and soft fabric, elevating your curves to best fit your outfits. Say bye to tough bathroom breaks as they come hook and eye button in the crotch. Moreover, the three-in-one bodysuit works as briefs, bras, and tops. 

You can style them in plenty of ways like:

Whatever you choose, your style must make you feel yourself. So, practice all these points, and gradually you will have a positive mindset around your body. Of course, there will be some tough days, but consistent efforts will create a happy place.

We hope you try to incorporate some (or all!) all tips we've written above and of course, experience comfort, shaping, and confidence with Pinsy Shapewear. 

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