How to Find Your Personal Style

Finding your personal style celebrates your identity, highlights your best parts, and makes you feel confident. But it's not something that happens overnight. Finding your own individual style is very important to embrace yourself. When it comes to styling, various aspects, moods, and tricks can help you bring the best out of your style quotient. 

So, if you want to know how to dress to express your unique style, you're at the right place. Here are some important considerations to help you to find your style.

Know Your Undertones

The first step to discovering your distinctive style is finding your skin undertones. Just what is a skin undertone? They're the natural colors or tint on the surface of your skin. This color helps you choose your complementing unique style. Various undertones look good with different colored jewelry, makeup, and shades of clothes. 

There are three types of undertones:

Warm Undertone: This undertone has shades varies from peach to yellow and golden

Cool Undertone: This type of undertone fall under include pink and bluish hues

Neutral Undertone: It means your undertone is similar to your actual skin tone.

How to Find your Undertone

Check your veins: Look closley at the skin around your wrists, neck, and other areas. If it appears greenish, congrat! You have a warm undertone. If it looks blue or purplish-looking, you've inherited cool undertones. And veins that look blue-green, then you've got neutral undertones. 

Another way to find your undertone is assess jewelry on you. What color of metal makes you sparkle? Does gold look exceptional on you or is it a miss? Does silver look lackluster or makes you look like a superstar? Well, this is another great way to find what looks best because these colors complement different undertones. For example, warm undertones look great with yellow-gold jewelry. In comparison, cooler undertones go well with silver, platinum, and rose gold. 

If you're still not sure, there's one more test. It's called the white t-shirt experiment: Wear a stark white t-shirt in natural daylight. If your skin appears pink or rosy by comparison, you have a cool undertone. In case your face looks more yellow, you have a warm undertone. And lastly, you have a neutral undertone if you look the same in stark white and off-white. 

How to Choose Colors Based on Undertones?

Here are the best colors of clothes, makeup, hair dyes, and other accessories that go best with three different undertones:

Clothes: Warm undertones go best with warm colors like green, brown, mustard yellow, and warm reds.

Makeup: If you have a warm undertone, your foundation should match as well. So choose shades on the warm side, like nudes and beiges. Likewise cool foundation look best if you have a cool undertone. 

Hair color: For hair color, try opposite colors. For example, go for warm colors like amber, blonde, etc., for a cool undertone. In comparison, warm undertones can go with cool colors.

Discover Your Body Shape

Discovering your body shape is very important to find your perfect personal style. For example, you want to dress to bring out the best out of your pretty curves. Likewise, if there's something you don't want attention drawn too, silhouettes, draping, and playing with proportions are all things you can play with too. And that's ok. 

As per your body's shape, you can choose the perfect bodysuit to enhance your style. Now, what is the point of a bodysuit? The premium bodysuits of today have a gentle shaping effect, elevating your outfits even more. Bodysuits like Pinsy's most popular premium hourglass shapewear bodysuit is made of luxurious materials, which is stretchable and breathable. Moreover, the availability of various necklines, hook and eye closures at the bottom for bathroom breaks, and a built-in bra make them brilliant. 

Some of the common body shapes and tips to identify them are as follows:


The hourglass features the exact width of shoulders and hips with a narrow waist. The best outfits to emphasize this shape can be bodycon dresses, bootcut jeans, tops, jumpsuits, etc. 

Pair Pinsy's Shaping Lace Shapewear Bodysuit with jeans and a blazer to accentuate your curves. This shapewear looks perfect as a top (and you don't even need to wear a bra!) and accentuates your curves even more. The premium material, sculpting effect, and comfort are top-notch. It's literally chef's kiss.

Strawberry Shape

You have a strawberry shape if your body has broad shoulders, a large bust, slim hips, and a small back. This body shape is like an inverted triangle. Choose skirts, wide-legged bottoms, and vertical striped clothing for this body type. You can pair your wide trousers with our gorgeous Smoothing Lace Shapewear Bodysuit.

Apple Shape

Apple-shaped women have heavy busts and a larger midsection with thin shoulders and hips. Weight around the belly can be a trait of your body shape. Wear your tight dresses with no VPL using our Open-Bust Butter Sculpt Seamless Shapewear Bodysuit and enjoy a streamlined seamless look that elevates your body. 

Rectangle Shape

A rectangle shaped figure has a refined torso, slim hips, and long legs. For this body type, you might want some help in enhancing your curves. Choose Pinsy Shapewear bodysuits with firm shaping like our best-selling Vegan Leather High-Neck Shapewear to achieve this. And one last thing, you may find that  body-hugging outfits may further define your shape. 

Pear Shape

A pear body shape has a moderate bust and thin shoulders. This shape features a more well-defined waist, full hips, and thighs. Try pairing skinny jeans or cycling shorts with Pinsy Panties for a panty line free look. For your top, choose something loose for a play on proportions.

Explore and Have Fun With Various Styles

You can also find your unique style by identifying common categories that help you evaluate which style makes you most confident, comfortable, and stylish. Here are the most common personality types and their traits:


The girly-girl style is all very ladylike and very trendy; for example, do you always love to go with bubble-gum pink shades, skirts, lace, and heels? 

The style has lots of femininity, bright colors, and of course, dresses and skirts. Rock a pink lace shapewear bodysuit with a blazer, skirt, heels, clutch, and sleek hairstyle.

Rocker Chic

The rocker chic is all about staying sassy and on on the edge. This style suits your deep-down personality, full of confidence, loves to make a scene. You LOVE blacks and grays and oftentimes reach for your uniform: leather jackets, boots, and ripped jeans.

The colors to embrace are black and darker shades which look phenomenal on everyone. You can slay this look with heavy eyeliner, Pinsy's Butter Sculpt Seamless Shapewear, and funky footwear. 


The professional style is for some who loves elegant dressing with a few accent colors. Some of the traits of this style are owning an ironing board, loves pairing white and black, formal trousers, shirts, and suits. You spruce it up with minimal earrings, monochromatic work bags, and proper but sensible heels. The style speaks volumes and reflects your very true personality. Opt for something that will enhance your pant-suit wearing figure like our highly rated Shaping Panties. These'll make you look great: from the boardroom, to the classroom, to your living room.


Casual dressing style is funky and fun and appreciates an easy going philosophy all the time. You love graphic t-shirts, straight denim, casual shorts, open shirts with spaghetti, etc. 

This personal style celebrates minimal effort while staying open to things all stylish and comfy. Try a long sleeve bodysuit and layer an oversized shirt with khaki cargo pants to add some polish to this style. 

Boyfriend Style 

Are you someone who has somewhat of an androgynous style? Do you love loose-fitted clothes? Then boyfriend style may be your unique style. Loose sweatshirts, denim, and an overall masculine look are hallmarks of this style. You can go for loose sweatshirts with shorts and oversized shirts. 

Moreover, this trendy style resonates with many people. It's the perfect look for easy casual get-togethers and meetings with friends. 

Biker Girl

The biker girl persona style is a show-stopper. This style is bold, sporty, and furious, and everything with leather. You must have a vegan leather shapewear bodysuit with a leather moto jacket and leather leggings. This combo looks breathtaking. And play with colors too. Pinsy's vegan leather shapewear is available in three colors and in a scoop neck and high neck. 

Athleisure Style

The athleisure style is trending, and many people are gravitating towards it. This style chooses comforts with sporty activewear that also looks great for other events—for example, mesh leggings with sweatshirts. Also, a crop top with a tennis skirt looks great. Pair the skirt with High-Waist Shaping Panty for a great polished fit.

This awesome outfit is perfect for running around town crossing those errands off your list. 

Minimalist Style

Many girls love the minimalist style as it has a perfect balance—such as a monochrome top with jeans. The style has one or two colors with minimalistic accessories. The ideal balance goes well with all the casual to formal events. Think crisp white shirt and straight black pants. Shop black and white shapewear here.

Vintage Style

Retro style is very vintage and harks back to previous decades. Think sun-kissed hues, traditional fabrics, red lips, updos, and a flawless hourglass figure. Nobody knows hourglass better than Pinsy Shapewear! Any one style of our Hourglass Signature Shapesuits will give you an instant snatched hourglass figure. 

So, if you weren't sure before, we hope this article helps you narrow down your personal style. Now you have tools and tricks to find your personal style. We recommend you first narrow down your undertone and to find which shades compliment you most. Once you know which colors compliment you the most, then you can start playing with silhouettes. Lastly wearing outfits that work with your unique body shape is paramount. So, embrace the style and dress you feel most comfortable in.

We hope you have a great time identifying your style, experimenting with what you like, finding your niche, staying comfy, and of course stay stylish always!

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