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Say Goodbye To Ugly Shapewear.

Pinsy's mission is to create Shapewear that can be worn as Outerwear. Women CAN have it all: Style, Comfort, Support and Function. Pinsy's goal is to empower women to love their bodies and ditch the idea that shapewear has to be hidden and embarrassing. We create beautiful, innovative and size-inclusive shapewear to enhance all bodies - without the sacrifice of comfort and versatility.

Shapewear Made to be Seen

“Do you have any better-looking shapewear that doesn't "look" like shapewear?”

“No. But we get asked for it all the time.”

This conversation in a department store’s shapewear section was the exact moment the idea for Pinsy Shapewear took flight.

Pinsy’s founder and CEO Ratchel Pinlac hated shapewear and grew up thinking shapewear was necessary to conceal a woman's less than ideal body. This sentiment needed to change. She searched high and low for shapewear that actually accentuated the waist, did not roll down or dig into the skin, was comfortable and versatile for all-day wear - all while being visually appealing. Realizing there was a huge gap in the market for aesthetically-pleasing and high performing shapewear, she set out to create her version of what should have existed decades ago.

After 3 years of research and development, selecting and producing the right fabrics, over 300 design iterations and fittings on 56 different bodies, Pinsy Shapewear was born.

Ditch the Body Hate

We are tired of the body hate. The shapewear industry often markets shapewear as a "Solution" or "Your Little Secret" to hide the body's "flaws" or "imperfections". Women have been told for decades that they are not good enough.

Women deserve to love and show off their bodies - not hide them. With Pinsy, Shapewear is no longer a "secret" or something to be ashamed of. Women can wear shapewear loud and proud because it's finally beautiful.

Our bodysuits are purposely designed to be seen, snatching you in at the right places and giving you the support, confidence and comfort to feel your best.

How We Do It

300+ Prototypes

96 Fittings Across 56 Bodies

389 Fabric Choices and Decisions

8 Factories Vetted

Tried, True, and Tested.

We utilized the world’s best shaping fabrics to create stylish shapewear bodysuits designed to actually sculpt and enhance all bodies.

Our bodysuits go through rigorous wash, stretch, and fit testing to ensure you receive a quality garment that is made to last.