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Unlock the Power of Comfort and Style With Pinsy Shapewear's Butter Sculpt Collection

IKYMI: Pinsy Shapewear's Butter Sculpt. We know you’re busy, but in case you missed it, our Butter Sculpt Seamless Collection launch exceeded all our expectations. This new line of women’s shapewear took YEARS of research and development before we felt it reached perfection. If you have Pinsy Shapewear in your closet right now, you know we’re sticklers for quality so you know, the wait was more than worth it.

The Butter Sculpt Shapewear Bodysuit lineup offers a variety of styles and sizes that are light-years ahead of the competition in terms of being comfortable, flattering, and stylish. This new collection features a unique construction: namely our innovative and variable compressive zones that provide the wearer with optimal comfort while providing body-contouring support while staying active or lounging. And yes, not a typo, we said active. One of our team members used their Long Sleeve Butter Sculpt Seamless Shapewear Bodysuit as a base layer for a recent ski trip. Another team member uses theirs as pajamas. She literally sleeps in them. Imagine trying to go to sleep in your pre-Pinsy shapewear era. Now that’s what nightmares are made of.

So they’re good. Almost too good because we almost immediately sold out of certain sizes in our soon-to-be-cult-classic Long Sleeve Butter Sculpt Seamless Shapewear Bodysuit. Despite the difficulty in keeping them stocked, we’ve heard you loud and clear because we’re working on a restock. To ensure your spot in line, make sure to preorder NOW because we can’t guarantee there will be any left. 

What’s so special about these Butter Sculpt Variable Compressive Zones?

All Butter Sculpt compression garments feature multiple shaping zones for both maximum comfort and shaping support. This collection's innovative compressive zones provide more shaping power in the waist and stomach (giving you that snatched Pinsy hourglass waist), while offering gentle compression in the arms, chest, and leg openings - making it ideal for any occasion. The unique design of this shapewear offers a comfortable fit that won't pinch, bunch, or dig while you move around, giving you the freedom to do whatever you want.

Check out the Full Butter Sculpt Lineup

It’s shapewear perfect to fit any wardrobe. Choose from chic neutral colors like black, beige, and grey. With its sleek silhouettes in Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve, V-Neck and Open Bust options - these bodysuits are sure to turn heads wherever you go! 

We talked about the compression zones, but this shapewear feels great too! We wanted the ultimate comfortable shapewear, and all Butter Sculpt can stretch over 5 TIMES THEIR SIZE. It’s unreal. The soft spun fabric is soft, lightweight yet supportive enough to keep everything in place all day long, and thick enough to ensure no peek-a-boobie. Like other Pinsy products, you can skip the bra. It’s perfect for wearing underneath clothes or lounging around at home. And because it's breathable and moisture-wicking fabric, you can be sure that your shapewear will always stay fresh regardless of how active you get!

With all these features combined, Pinsy Shapewear's Butter Sculpt Collection is perfect for anyone looking to look and feel their best no matter what the occasion may be. Whether you're running errands on a busy weekday morning or attending an event with friends on a Saturday night - this shapewear has got you covered! And with its unique designs and innovative compressive zones that provide maximum body-contouring support while staying comfortable - it's no wonder why the Butter Sculpt Collection is quickly becoming one of Pinsy Shapewear's most favorite products!

Comment below on what Butter Sculpt Seamless colors you’d like to see next.

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