The Complete Guide: How to Choose the Best Plus Size Shapewear

Women of all sizes truly deserve to feel confident and beautiful in whatever they wear. With this line of thought, there is an amazing array of shapewear for plus sizes that are comfortable, compressive, and available in a wide range of plus sizes. They won't squish your body into a rectangle but will complement your amazing curves!

Before selecting the shapewear of your dreams, here are some steps and tips to make the process easy-peasy. So, here's everything you'll need to know about how to choosing the best shapewear for ​plus ​size women.


What's Your Body Measurement?

The most common mistake everyone makes while buying shapewear is ignoring the size chart. You must know your measurements in order to choose the bodysuit that will not only flatter your body but stay comfortable. Many people think they can size down in shapewear to compress their body further. While that's true, just think of how uncomfortable you'll be with shapewear that's too restrictive! We want you to be compressed & comfortable. After all, we want your inner confidence to shine, and that's difficult when you're uncomfortable. So, make sure to follow our size guide. Pinsy Shapewear is proud to offer our bodysuits and panties from size small to plus size 3x. We realize every body is different and beautiful in their own way. So if something doesn't work out, we want you to be happy. Exchanges for another size are easy and free. 

 Size Guide

S 2–4 26–29 35–38 33–35 30/32 A–D • 34 A–B
M 6–8 29–31 38–40 36–38 30/32 DD–G • 34 B–DD • 36 A–C • 38 A
L 10–12 32–34 40–42 39–41 30/32 G–H • 34 DD–G • 36 C–DD/E • 38 B–D
XL 14–16 35–37 42–46 42–44 34 H • 36 DD–G • 38 D–DDD/F • 40 B–D • 42 A
1XL 18-20 38–40 46–50 42–44 36 G–H • 38 DDD/F–H • 40 D–G • 42 B–D • 44 A–B • 46 A
2XL 22–24 42–43 50–54 49–51 40 G–H • 42 D–DDD/F • 44 C–DD/E • 46 A–C
3XL 26–28 40–48 54–58 52–54 42 G–H • 44 DD/E–G • 46 D–DDD/F 


One essential tip is to remember that different brands have different measurements. So while you'd be a large in one brand, you may be another size here at Pinsy Shapewear! This is why it's essential to check the size chart for exact measurements. Find your Pinsy Shapewear size here.

The science behind Pinsy Shapewear took years to perfect. Our patent-pending Powermesh shaping panels comfortably shapes your body's natural curves to enhance and create an instant hourglass silhouette. If you go with shapewear that's too small, the garment will be excessively uncomfortable and even unhealthy to wear. On the other hand, sizing up may not give you the shaping power you desire so there must be a balance. Of course, you're more than welcome to size up in our gorgeous lace bodysuits for less shaping! 

Know Your Body Shape

For women, whether you're petite or plus-size, shapewear is the perfect surgery-free way to accentuate your curves and bring out the best in you! It highlights your perfect curves to amplify your outfits and give you a confidence boost. 

Did you know that everyone has a different body shape? The sizes and shapes we come in are wonderful: we are all beautiful and unique. But did you know that dressing according to your body shape can make a big difference? 

Apple Shape

Apple shaped women have heavy busts and a full midsection with narrow shoulders and hips. The larger belly can be a trait of your body shape. This perfect body shape is unique and can be enhanced with Pinsy's High Waist Shaping Panties. These features plus size medium compression control briefs, which provide great support and shaping for your tummy and lower half.

Rectangle Shape

Rectangle shape has a straight torso, slim hips, and long legs. The straight long lines of the body give a very linear shape. Therefore, you need something to enhance your curves. 

The Sculpting Lace Shapewear Bodysuit has medium-firm compression that can help you elevate and flaunt your beautiful body. If you're looking for a basic, you can go for Scoop Tank Hourglass Shapewear Bodysuit, which perfectly hugs your body. The best part is that all materials used are super soft and tough. Plus all bodysuits (other than our Open Bust Butter Sculpt Shapewear Bodysuit) comes with easy open & close hooks at the crotch for bathroom breaks. Plus, the availability of plus sizes is a bonus. 

Hourglass Shape

Women having near to or exact hourglass body shapes have almost the same width of shoulders and hips. So if you have this body shape, you can flaunt this beautiful shape with our Shaping Lace Shapewear Bodysuit. The adjustable straps, full coverage neck, gorgeous colors, and premium fabrics make it a great choice. You can opt for a S or XL bodysuit or even 3X. Feel confident no matter your size. Plus, lace looks great for daily to occasional wear. 

Pear Shape

A pear body shape has an average bust and slim shoulders. This body type has a more well-defined waist, full hips, and thighs. We recommend the Smoothing Lace Shapewear Bodysuit to show off your waist. Made with light compression, this compression garment will enhance your upper body and elevate your beautiful curves. For a fun, sexy twist, opt for our Medium Beige color for a plus size nude lingerie bodysuit that can be carried with any casual or semi-formal event. All our amazing Shapesuits™ features a control bottom underwear feel for plus sizes. 

Strawberry Shape

You have a strawberry shape if you have wide shoulders, a large bust, narrow hips, and a small back. For this body shape, you'll look great in any of our Butter Sculpt Seamless Shapewear Collection. This revolutionary collection can stretch to 5 times its size and is great for large busts, up to 42G-H. 

Check the Compression Levels

Pinsy's plus size bodysuits comes in various compression levels. If you want a little bit more of that snatch to compliment your outfit perfectly, you can opt for a firmer compression level. If you're looking for something less firm, a light to medium compression plus size full bodysuit is perfect for those casual days. 

Light Compression

Light compression means light shaping and smoothing on your body. It's best for casual, active, or everyday attire. Also, if you're brand new to the world of shapewear, you might want to the lightest compression options first. They help enhance your body shape while being very comfortable. Our favorite plus size light compression shapewear is our Smoothing Lace Shapewear Bodysuit. This pretty shapewear has sheer side panels with just a hint of smoothing. Soft lace details and wire-free, built-in unlined bra has soft lace make this the perfect entry into the world of shapewear. Pair with our Nipple Covers for a sexy, no-nip slip fit.

Medium Compression

Medium plus size compression shapewear is a great choice for all women. It has moderate compression power, which makes it best to be paired with casual to formal occasions. The V-Neck Butter Sculpt Seamless Shapewear Bodysuit is a perfect (and comfortable!) choice for a plus size tummy shaper with some smoothing and shaping power.

Firm Compression

Our favorite plus size Shapewear Bodysuit with firm compression is the Vegan Leather Scoop Tank Shapewear Bodysuit.

It pairs best with your everyday jeans, wide trousers, or your favorite leather pants. Flaunting your unique body on nights out with the girls or date nights, will be effortless with this firm plus size tummy shaper that'll bring your your glowing confidence. 

No matter your style, Shapewear Bodysuits are an essential for any plus size wardrobe. Whether you want to smooth your shape or show off those curves, the perfect plus size Shapewear Bodysuit is waiting at Pinsy HQ or you. Rock the confidence you deserve and start buying shapewear bodysuit that's comfortable and flattering. Nothing beats feeling beautiful from within - invest in yourself with fashionable plus size shapewear! With so many styles and sizes available, it's time to find your signature Pinsy look and have some fun along the way. Give yourself the gift of being confident without sacrificing your own unique style; go ahead and shop now!

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