Shapewear Fact or Fiction? We're Setting the Record Straight

Here at Pinsy Shapewear, we're all about making people of all shapes, sizes, and ages feel confident while staying both comfortable AND fashionable. Our range of compressive body shapers are meticulously designed to celebrate your figure while allowing your personal style to thrive.

Many areas of fashion deal with ongoing myths and facts. This is the same case with bodysuits too. So, here are the most talked about myths and reality.

MYTH 1: Shapewear Can't Be Comfortable


A common myth is all women's shapewear old-fashioned corsets, and girdle inspired body wear. On the contrary, shapers are modern wear that is flexible, versatile, shaping, and very comfortable. 

The range of Pinsy shapewear follows the science of bodysuits and gently pressures the weak muscles to create an elevated silhouette. For example, our V Neck Hourglass Shapewear Bodysuit features Powemesh lining with sculpting panels in the waist and tummy for 360° shaping and sculpting. It is the most comfortable bodysuit with medium-firm shaping, a moisture wicking built-in bra, and no-dig seamless shapewear underwear. 

Our bodysuits are flexible and breathable and have buttery soft fabric. Moreover, the gentle tummy smoothing accentuates your curves while taming the most stubborn muffin tops. With Pinsy, you will experience all day comfort with a three-in-one top, under, and bra bodysuit. 

MYTH 2: Shapewear is a Man's Idea for Women to Conform to Body Standards


We couldn't wait to write about this shapewear myth. Today's women are loud and proud to live their lives authentically and live life by their standards. Now it's our time to flaunt ourselves while being comfy. Pinsy Shapewear is made by women FOR women.

Pinsy was born out of a need to make the most beautiful the most comfortable bodysuits for all women. It's not for validation for men but to celebrate your unique and gorgeous body type by offering comfort, elegance, durability in one sexy shapewear package. We love all women, their stories, their journeys, and this is what motivates and drives the Pinsy team to deliver the best shapewear on the planet.

MYTH 3: Shapewear, corset, and waist trainers are the same


It's a very big misconception. So let's set things straight with the right information.

Corsets: Corsets are powerful cinching garments worn between the underbust and upper hip. They are generally 3 to 6 inches high. The corset aims to slim out the waistline giving an hourglass figure impression. These can be worn over or under the clothing.

Waist trainers: Waist trainers are worn just like a corset but underneath the clothing. It's generally made from nylon, latex, or Spandex with plastic or steel boning, and commonly used for workouts or post-partum.

On the other hand, the best women's bodysuits can be worn as tops, bras, and bottoms. Pinsy Shapewear's Bodysuits have different compression levels shaping, smoothing, and sculpting premium and all feature soft fabric. For example, our best selling Sculpting Lace Shapewear Bodysuit can be worn with a blazer, shrug, jacket, trousers, skirt. This versatile style is perfect for so many occasions -  it's life changing.

You can also go for an Butter Sculpt Seamless Open-Bust Shapewear Bodysuit and wear the bra of your own choice. Pinsy's bodysuits have a gentle shaping effect which is great for daily wear.

MYTH 4: You Can't Wear Shapewear Every Day


Pinsy Shapewear makes the best women shapewear bodysuits with light, medium, and firm shaping. This shapewear is made for daily wear. They work with your body to emphasize your curves rather than stuff them into spandex. As a result, Pinsy's bodysuits are comfortable for all day wear. 

There are many women that love to wear our bodysuits multiple times a week. The Vegan Leather High Neck Shapewear Bodysuit is a smart choice with a blazer and trousers, shorts, or skirt. 

MYTH 5: Shapewear Isn't Body Positive


Shapewear is extremely body positive and lets you be your most confident self. As a result, Pinsy has all regular to best plus size shapewear. We live to provide you with all-day comfort, shaping, and elegance, which elevate your outfits. These body shapers are for everyone and tested on all body types.

Pinsy shapers are made especially for women of all sizes and shapes. We feature exotic elastic fabric, which is the epitome of softness.

It's time to feel good with Pinsy Shapewear, which celebrates every woman's unique body and strives to bring confidence. 

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