Shapewear 101: How to Choose the Best Shapewear for Plus Size Women

It is a common misconception that choosing the right shapewear depends entirely on getting enough compression to create that slimming effect. The tighter the better, right? Not at all! 

Just like no two bodies are alike, different styles of body shapers are intended for an array of specific body types. Apart from using different levels of firmness to help sculpt parts of the body, choosing the right style and cut can help strategically smooth out or enhance your figure and give you the curves you desire. 

Read on to discover how to choose shapewear that best suits your curvy needs. 

Understanding Compression Levels:

Light Shaping Shapewear Bodysuits



tatumblinn in Smoothing Lace Shapewear Bodysuit in pink

@tatumblinn in Smoothing Lace Shapewear Bodysuit in pink

Perfect for shapewear for wearing everyday, shapewear with a lightweight control level is meant to feel like your second skin – you won’t notice you are wearing shapewear at all. In Pinsy’s collection, our light shaping Smoothing Lace Shapewear Bodysuit feels whisper-light, but it still provides a noticeable difference. This is your everyday piece that will gently smooth out your curves with a touch of support. Wear Pinsy’s choice of light-control lace shapewear underneath your favourite outerwear and with some jeans to create a comfy daily or a sexy date-night look.

Medium Shaping Shapewear Bodysuits


@marlsyurisan in Shaping Lace Shapewear Bodysuit in brown

@marlsyurisan in Shaping Lace Shapewear Bodysuit in brown

Our medium shaping option provides you with the perfect amount of shaping for easy breezy outfits with a nice shaping hug. With a bit more support than light shaping, moderate control level pieces are for you if you’re looking for an everyday shapewear with multiple support points. Utilizing targeted compression technology, our Shaping Lace Shapewear Bodysuit sculpts and shapes your waist and tummy via its PowerMesh panel for that snatched, hourglass look. 

Medium-Firm (Pinsy’s Version: Medium to Firm)

Get snatched with our most sculpting shapewear options that are guaranteed to sculpt and enhance your natural figure, while feeling comfortable enough that you can wear it all day. This is our most popular compression level and our best seller is the Sculpting Lace Shapewear Bodysuit.

It's so well-loved as it doesn’t look like shapewear! It is a sexy lace bodysuit that gives you instant curves and confidence. 

One of our best shapewear for muffin tops -- it provides enough pressure to smooth out your belly, but never too much to make you feel breathless or cut into your buttchecks. This super cute shapewear bodysuit utilises our signature lace comes with adjustable straps to make this just a tad more personalised for each unique body. Quoting one of our happy customers, “I LOVE that these straps are adjustable, and it is so comfortable for all-day wear.”

Pinsy’s shapewear scoop neck tank cami with built-in bra provides all the benefits of a super-comfy supportive, wire-free bra, as well as the same sculpting and smoothing technology found in each of our hourglass-enhancing shapesuits.  This camisole style shapewear bodysuit is a wardrobe staple as it can elevate literally every outfit worn inside as underwear or styled as outerwear.  

Since the pandemic lockdowns, we have all gotten used to going braless and letting our girls breath! This is why we designed our shapewear bodysuits to have a wire-free lined bra support to give you the comfort and support from A-H Cup. The supportive bra is inside of every style of our bodysuit because we love the bra-free feeling! 

Shop by Control Level

More often than not, firmness level should not be the only deciding factor when it comes to choosing the best shapewear for your unique body. Consider different styles and cuts (i.e. bodysuits, mid-thigh shorts, slimming tank tops or compression panties) to maximise your shapewear purchase for the best-desired effect.

Best Plus Size Shapewear for Lower Belly Pooch

Looking for that perfect shapewear for a muffin top? Smooth out your tummy contours with a large range of options that focuses on the compression around the lower belly area:

High Neck Shapewear Bodysuit


@itsmichellefloress in High Neck Shapewear Bodysuit in white

@itsmichellefloress in High Neck Shapewear Bodysuit in white

One of Pinsy’s firmer shapewear, our High Neck Shapewear is one of our best-selling compression bodysuit. With targeted shaping panels and the utilisation of Powermesh, expect a top-notch smoothing effect on the tummy area. 

One of the pros of picking a bodysuit over a pair of shorts is that you don’t have to worry about the shorts rolling down as you go about your day. The no-dig and no-roll down advantage of shapewear bodysuits really provides you with comfort and support all day. And, instead of the common open gusset feature in most shapewear, this bodysuit has a snap closure. It also enables you to adjust the length of the torso of our shapewear bodysuit.

Spaghetti Scoop Neck Shapewear Bodysuit


@ciarashontel in Spaghetti Scoop Neck Shapewear Bodysuit in black
@ciarashontel in Spaghetti Scoop Neck Shapewear Bodysuit in black

Similar to our last recommendation, this bodysuit is good at providing hourglass contouring with its built-in Tummy Smoothing Panel. This style is ideal for summer – it shows off your shoulders and cleavage, while giving your chest support and the medium-firm hold snatches you in at the waist. Very flattering for girls with long and short torso.  

Best Hourglass Figure Shapewear

Sculpting Lace Shapewear Bodysuit


@athena_live in Sculpting Lace Bodysuit in Black

@athena_live in Sculpting Lace Bodysuit in Black

Say hello to your new lace waist cincher shapewear that no one will know it’s shapewear! Literally, no shapewear on the market looks like this.  It’s perfect for the Instagram-worthy defined waist look, Pinsy’s patent-pending PowerMesh technology provides targeted panels in the waist and tummy for that 360 degrees shaping and hourglass smoothing. 

It’s powerful but never digs into your skin, this true-to-size shapewear is created with premium stretch lace details that make you look and feel sexy at the same time — no more of that itchy feeling which is typically associated with wearing lace. Plus, you can totally dress up the lace bodysuit with your leather jacket for a sexy look.

Scoop Tank Shapewear Bodysuit

@camdanielle in Scoop Tank Shapewear Bodysuit in black

@camdanielle in Scoop Tank Shapewear Bodysuit in black 

For those looking for daily shapewear but don’t want to give up on that snatched small waist look — try out our Scoop Tank Shapewear. With all the goodness that comes with our hourglass sculpting bodysuit, this comes with a built-in wireless shapewear bra that scoops just enough to show a bit of sexy cleavage. If you’re worried about the sheerness of the fabric and not being able to replace your normal tank top and bra with this bodysuit, rest assured that this piece provides all the necessary coverage so you go braless confidently. Definitely not made exclusively for that famous Kardashians’ hourglass look, this bodysuit can also be your go-to shapewear bra!

Best Shapewear for Thigh Slimming

Looking to wear a tight-fitted dress and feel confident knowing that the lumps and bumps around the thigh area are perfectly smoothed out? Reduce the appearance of cellulite and enhance the natural curves of your booty with shapewear that provides extra support around the thigh and butt area. 


Open Bust Smoothing Bodysuit

Open Bust Smoothing Bodysuit

Pinsy’s all-rounded solution targets not only your thighs but also your booty and the tummy areas. Available from size XS to 3XL, this is the best plus size open bust shapewear on the market. These medium compression level thigh shapers come in a seamless and undetectable finish on the leg line, which means that you can put the worry of having a visible line when you're wearing your favorite slinky skirt. And who doesn’t like the flexibility of being able to wear their favorite bras with the open-bust feature?

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