Put it in Neutral

Neutrals are in trend! The reasons are they are versatile as they go with any outfit. Moreover, the neutrals help you make a smart wardrobe that enables you to pair it with various other colors. So, it's time to put it in neutral shapewear too. 
Here are some top-style neutral bodysuits and tips for pairing them. Level up your wardrobe with these incredible styles:
Why are Neutral Bodysuits Best?
An unending charm about neutral colors makes them essentials in any wardrobe. The same is with neutral bodysuits! The new-age shapewear is comfortable, has gentle shaping, and elevates any outfit. 
Gone are the days when shapewear was designed to fulfill some beauty standards. Instead, modern shapewear has the most practical design, which feels comfy. Also, with multiple options in colors, sizes, necklines, and fabrics, there is something for everyone. 
So, let's explore how neutral bodysuits can elevate your comfort and style!
Neutrals go With all the Outfits
Neutral like white, beige, black, gray, and brown go with every color, whether you pair it with light, bright, or dark colors. For example, this Sculpting Lace Shapewear Bodysuit will match perfectly with shades of white, red, and even black hues.
Also, this Smoothing Lace Shapewear Bodysuit is the best fit for body-hugging dresses. You can even try a High-Neck Hourglass Thong Bodysuit with shorts, skirts, and attractive bottom wear in any color. These simple one-piece bodysuits have a built-in bra and tummy control panties that work as tops, bras, and briefs. This makes them budget-friendly, convenient, and very comfortable. 
You can Create a Perfect Base Layer
Neutrals are the best color choice to create bold base layers. Then, you can style them in multiple ways and layer pieces of clothes on them. This makes your outfit look balanced and very classy.
Some of the styling tips for creating neutral bodysuits as base layers are:
  • You can pair this Smoothing Lace Shapewear Bodysuit with a thigh-length blazer dress. The cream-beige colors with contrasting blazer dresses will create an amazing look. Also, it's easy to carry and very straightforward.
Add Contrasting Bottoms to Create a Statement Look
The neutral colors are best to create a pop look with contrasting bottoms. For example, pair a Vegan Leather Scoop Tank Bodysuit with firm shaping and add boot-cut pants.
Moreover, neutrals also look great with skirts and shorts. Try a High Neck Hourglass Shapewear Cheeky Bodysuit and add a sequin skirt, shorts, and other bottoms. The neutrals balance the look of the bottoms. Therefore you can try bright colors, checked, sequin, and embellished bottoms with new bodysuits. 
Benefits of Bodysuits
  • They help you make the best out of your wardrobe with all the colors.
  • Neutrals are a must for building a capsule wardrobe.
  • The all-in-one bodysuit is a top, base layer, brief, and a built-in bra.
  • You can pack light for any trip and make a budget-friendly wardrobe with them.
  • Also, they have premium, stretchable and breathable fabric. 
  • It features gentle sculpting, which elevates any outfit. 
  • Bodysuits have a hook and an eye-opening at the crotch for bathroom breaks.
Finally, Tips to Elevate Neutral Bodysuits
It's clear how important neutral bodysuits are in the wardrobe. They help you create a capsule wardrobe (essentials) that pairs with all colors. Therefore you can layer them or pair them with bottoms of your choice. 
Moreover, these solid basic shades look very professional and classy. The tip is to spruce the outfit according to the occasion. For instance, you can try golden hoops, layered necklaces, clutches, cross-body bags, boots, high heels, etc.
So explore all the neutral colors in various styles, fabrics, and sizes at Pinsy Shapewear!
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