Pinsy's New Nipple Covers are Here! Launching in Three Shades 👀.

NEW: Pinsy Shapewear's new self-adhesive nipple covers just launched in three shades: Light Beige, Medium Beige and Dark Brown.

Pinsy Nipple Covers in three colors
Otherwise known as pasties, shields, and petals, nipple covers are a wardrobe staple for many women and the unsung hero in many a sheer and sexy outfit! Virtually invisible, nipple covers provide a layer of coverage and will eliminate your nipples from showing through clothing. They also offer some breast support, which can be helpful if you're wearing a plunging neckline or something that doesn't offer much coverage. But quality is everything. Do you really want to trust those cheap nipple covers you found in some random clearance store? Babe, we’re talking about the super cheap ones that deform your boobs into a double bubble and either fall off by the end of the night OR feel like they've been permanently glued on?

Thanks, but no thanks, we'll design our own nipple covers. After months of numerous prototypes, tweaking, and testing, we are so excited to launch Pinsy's Nipple Covers to cover all your shapewear accessory needs!

One Size Fits All
Some nipple pasties on the market are too big and bulky, some are too small, some are too thin, and others fall off at the first sign of sweat, but Pinsy's nipple covers are just right. Our high quality circular silicone nipple pasties have a gradually tapered edge that will effortlessly stick to your breasts snugly and smoothly while staying invisible and line free. And they're size inclusive too! These soft and lightweight pasties fit a wide range of breast sizes and shapes, from cup sizes A - F. So you're free to ditch the bra! And if you have sensitive skin, no worries: these nipple covers are manufactured using the highest quality medical grade silicone and are non-irritating on even the most sensitive of skin.
Silicone Nipple Cover Application & Care Tips and Tricks
With careful use, your nipple covers should get 30+ uses. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your reusable Pinsy silicone nipple covers. 

Ensure you apply your Pinsy Nipple Covers correctly. By following these care and application guidelines your pasties will stay in great condition and will last even longer. Proper care will help ensure they adhere properly and stay in place all day (or night) long!

To Apply Your Pinsy Nipple Shield:
Start with clean, dry skin
Carefully peel off the protective backing and place it on your breast, ensuring the nipple is covered by the center of the nipple shield. If it's not centered, remove and reapply. Seriously, it's that easy!

    To Remove Your Pinsy Nipple Cover:
    Carefully roll/grab the edge of the silicone, being careful to not pull hard.
    Slowly peel off the nipple shield and set carefully aside.

    Nipple Cover Care Instructions
    Gently hand wash to keep these reusable pasties to keep them looking new and performing their best. Use mild soap and warm water and gently wash off any residue, oil, or debris. Let the nipple cover air dry. Store in a dry place away from other items to avoid crushing and deforming your nipple shields.

    Why Choose Pinsy Shapewear's Nipple Covers?

    Our hypo-allergenic sticky silicone nipple covers are available in three shades - Light Beige, Medium Beige and Dark Brown - and are crafted to blend into the entire spectrum of skin tones perfectly. Seamless and smooth, they're thin enough to be super comfortable, yet thick enough to be durable and provide enough coverage you can wear with the sheerest of shapewear. Don your Smoothing Lace Shapewear Bodysuit and quit worrying about your nipples showing through! And with a velvety soft brushed matte finish, we made sure these sticky nipple covers were completely invisible under flash photography, so pose and take pictures with confidence while wearing them! The only bad reflections you'll deal with are having one too many cocktails after a night out on the town. Babe, did you know most pasties out there right now have a lifetime of 20 wears or so? That wasn’t good enough for us, so we engineered these pasties with an extra 10 wears for a total of 30 wears which makes our new nipple covers a freaking boob game changer. With three gorgeous shades to choose from, you can finally stop searching for the perfect nipple shield. If you're thinking about using our new silicone nipple covers, we hope this article has provided some helpful information. And because they're reusable (up to 30 times!), you can use them over and over again - making them a great value for your money.

    So put on your Smoothing Lace Shapewear Bodysuit with confidence - these sticky nipple covers will stick with you & keep you covered (literally).

    The Nipple Cover Reviews Are In

    All I can say is WOW. These nipple covers are the best pasties I have ever found. I am wearing dark brown. They’re the perfect dark shade of brown, fits my skin tone, and they really stick (in a good way!) to my C cup boobs. I live in the Arizona desert, sweating a ton and they don’t EVEN budge. YESSS Pinsy you did it again!!!! Highly recommended!
    - Marie M.

    Self Conscious No More|
    I have larger nipples and these are the first covers to actually fit my boobs! These are so easy to apply and they stay on ALL FREAKING DAY!
    - Liz T. 

    Life Changing
    How have I lived 25 years without these? When I say to buy these nipple covers, I MEAN BUY THEM ASAP because Pinsy sells out so fast. They are so thin and just melt in underneath my shapewear but give me a little bit more support and peace of mind. Love love love.
    - Erin S.
    Do you have questions or comments about our new nipple covers? We'd love to hear from you. Comment below!
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