Celebrities that Love Shapewear

Everyone's favorite celebrities, the epitome of beauty, style, confidence, talent, comfort, and style have a secret - IT’S THE SHAPEWEAR!

A lot has changed since the invention of shapewear. Modifying your body to conform to current beauty standards isn't a new concept. While we're making progress in ending the stigma around shapewear, Pinsy's philosophy is all about accentuating your curves, living with comfort, and showing off your unique style, something that's also well proven by your most loved celebrities. 

Here's our list of our favorite celebrities that are known to wear shapewear. Even without millions of dollars, glam team, and personal stylists on auto dial, you, yes YOU can rock this look with some amazing options. Sounds good? We think so! Be sure to keep reading to know all the details, top celebrity styles, styling tips, and much more. Let's have a look!

Kylie Jenner Flaunts Shapewear With her Mirror Selfies

The globally loved Kylie Jenner, the reality star, socialite, businesswoman and owner of Kylie Cosmetics is a fan of shapewear. Her many social media posts are quite evident, with her posting a look to social media wearing shapewear. She is not afraid to push the envelope and be experimental with her looks. 

Kylie carries this style quite often for some outdoor events, gym, and other activities. Her love of comfy yet stylish bodysuits has become a style statement.

    Gwyneth Paltrow Finds Comfort in Shapewear

    Everyone's favorite Pepper Potts from the Marvel series Iron Man, Gwyneth Paltrow is a known fan of shapewear. In an interview, she said that sometimes she's known to wear two layers shapewear and it is easy for her to wear, stays comfortable, and her slender figure stays smooth. Now, we definitely don't recommend wearing two layers of shapewear since we are all about comfort and two might be a tad uncomfortable.

    Gwyneth also said that she has become more fond of amazing, flexible, and versatile shapewear after the birth of her daughter. Shapewear is for everyone, no matter if you're a paparazzi target, an office professional, or even just going to college. We hope you agree she looks flawless and confident in whatever she wears, decade after decade/

    Kim Kardashian Swears by Shapewear

    Among all the celebrities that wear shapewear, the American socialite, media personality, and business woman, Kim Kardashian is a pioneer.

    We all know by now that the main character from Keeping Up with the Kardashians considers shapewear to be a must have in every professional event she's photographed in. Everyone has seen her multiple appearances with shapewear for photo sessions and other events given her love for skintight outfits. Do you remember her phase back in the 2000's with her obsession with skintight Hervé Léger bandage dresses? Shapewear is always a part of her wardrobe and she effortlessly pairs them with dresses, jackets, loungewear, trousers, and much more. The solid colors, minimalistic jewelry, and style make her one of the OG celebrities that really embraced shapewear. 

    Emily Blunt Loves to Spruce up Every Outfit With Shapewear

    The star of popular movies The Devil Wears Prada, A Quiet Place, and the Edge of Tomorrow, Emily Blunt has an incredible personality, a great sense of style, and loves shapewear. 

    In 2007, Emily Blunt received a Golden Globe for her role in Gideon's Daughter. In an interview, she was praising her amazing full-body shapewear which made her feel so comfortable. Several times she was photographed wearing smoothing, sculpting, and comfortable shapewear. 

      Kendall Jenner Loves to Create Class With Shapewear

      Kendall Jenner continues the family's love for shapewear and loves to embrace bodysuits in all colors, necklines, and fabrics. She has been seen wearing shapewear in many professional events. Her laid back off-duty model style proves that when properly done, compression garments are for anyone whether you are full-figured or slim. She's been spotted in black strapless one-piece shapewear that went viral. Her minimalist style, statement jewelry, and handbag looked amazing. 

        Katy Perry’s Witty Shapewear Reveal

        Katy Perry the musical genius is witty, smart, and has an eccentric fashion sense. Remember her hamburger look for the Met Ball? Eagle eyed fans noticed her flaunting her shapewear in a social media post and captioned "What Makes a Woman", referencing a song from her latest album, Smile. She wrote "power, attitude, style, confidence, sex" and showed off her shapewear.

        She is known for her wildly popular music, stylish hairstyles, over the top dresses, and fantasy-ready outfits. 

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        Why Do Celebrities Love Wearing Shapewear ?

        There are so many celebrities that view shapewear as a must. And guess what? Some of your favorite celebrities are Pinsy fans. We won't name any names, but we wonder what  (side note: the personalities listed in this article have not endorsed, purchased, or are associated with Pinsy Shapewear). The reason? Pinsy's comfort and smoothing technology is unparalleled. Our levels of shaping, premium fabric, and versatile styles make them the winner. You can pair them with any casual to formal dress to enhance your look. Celebrities that wear shapewear are styling them in glamorous ways and you can do it too.

        Pinsy presents a range of shapewear bodysuit selections which are stylish and super comfortable. Try our Shapesuits with built-in bra, Powermesh sculpting panels crafted with premium materials. It's flexible and versatile shapewear from Pinsy Shapewear which is the epitome of comfort. .

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