Pinsy Shapewear is changing the conversation around shapewear.  We utilize the world's best shaping fabrics to create stylish shapewear bodysuits designed to sculpt and contour all bodies. Size inclusive, sustainable and mission-driven, we seek to breathe style into the shapewear market and deliver products women can be proud to wear.  

Shapewear has long been a garment women have been programmed to keep a secret and shapewear companies continue to profit off women's insecurities.

We were born out of the longing for shapewear that actually sculpted our shape AND looked stylish enough to flaunt. 




Our mission is simple:  We want to make women of all shapes and sizes love their bodies by providing the most innovative and fashionable shapewear that comfortably flatters and accentuates.  We pay careful attention to not only fit and function, but STYLE because hiding your shapewear is a thing of the past!


We are not just about the products we offer, it is about a mindset we want to share with women around the world. One that empowers us to live life on our own terms and not to be shamed by wearing shaping undergarments.  We wear shapewear loud and proud and we aren't afraid to show off our curves. 

Our Promise: Words we NEVER use

Unlike other shapewear companies who profit off of women's insecurities, we strive to only offer products that accentuate and highlight your best assets, NOT hide or shrink them. 

You will NEVER hear the us say the following words that other shapewear companies use to promote their products: Hide, Conceal, Secret, Solution, Flatten, Skinny, Fat, Lumps and Bumps, Cellulite, Back Fat, Stomach Fat, .. you get the idea.  We love all bodies and shapewear is just a way to accentuate what we've got! 


KEEPING WOMEN TOGETHER® is our official company slogan, not only because our products literally keep us together, but because we embrace the belief that women are better together.  When we advocate and support one another, amazing things happen!


The Shapesuit™

The shapesuit™ (Shapewear + Bodysuit) is the first product we are launching.  We iterated for 2 years to create the perfect shaping bodysuit and dug deep to find the best fabrics and construction methods to ensure our shapewear is superior to everything else on the market. 

The Outer Layer: Premium Recycled Fabric


We searched high and low for the perfect fabric.  Our outer shell fabric is a premium European sculpting fabric that feels luscious and buttery to the touch but strong and stretchy enough to sculpt and smooth. Key properties include:

  • Recycled Nylon
  • Superior shape retention power - maintains its shape and snaps back into place
  • Strong performance
  • Breathable
  • UV Protection 
  • High elastic memory ensures perfect fit

The Inner Layer:  The Powermesh Sculpting Lining

We realized the issue with other shapewear products is that most shapewear contains only one type of fabric that wraps around your entire body.  Wrapping one type of fabric only moves skin and tissue around and doesnt actually "shape" the body. 

Pinsy shapesuits consist of 3 different fabrics that are stronger in targeted areas and relaxed in others- this ensures you get the sculpted effect that works to enhance your curves.  Its magic.